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Once more in the ranking of the top law firms for intellectual property in Colombia. Wolf Méndez Abogados Asociados is a firm specialized in commercial law with emphasis on industrial property, copyright, new technology, competition law, consumer law, foreign investment, companies and contracts.

Wolf Méndez Abogados Asociados is a company dedicated to intellectual property issues. It provides a complete service, not only nationally, but also globally, supporting businesses in the creation of new technologies and the protection of distinctive signs.

Therefore, with its associates around the world, it offers effective and novel solutions to its clients, who can find an excellent, high-quality service with rigorous follow-up and monitoring of work issues.

Circular 64742

By which Industrial Property rates are established, and single Circular issued on July 19th 2001 is modified.

The Requirements for Medicinal Marijuana Production Are Ready

This Wednesday, the Colombian Ministry of Health and Social Protection issued a resolution with the requirements, rights and obligations for individuals and companies that want to produce cannabis-derived products in Colombia for medicinal and scientific purposes.

Ten Strangest Lawsuits

Out of the cases in the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce this year, ten stand out because they are so peculiar. In some cases, microenterprises managed to knock out industry titans, as occurred with the famous Asian food company, Panda Express.

Buenos Aires

XIX Jornadas de Trabajo y consejo de administración de ASIPI 4 al 7 de Diciembre 2016

Importance of Trademark Registration
ERegistering a trademark is a way of protecting it against possible imitations by third parties that want to exploit its positioning. Through registration, the holder becomes the owner of the trademark, being the only person or entity authorized to use it for the next ten years from the date of registration, according to the country in which it is granted. The search and registration of trademarks must be taken into account to calculate their value. The products or services the trademark was registered for need to be analyzed, as well as the existence of other trademarks that may generate confusion. A trademark facilitates product advertising and dissemination and ensures that customers become familiar with and remember the product.

What is a Trademark?
A trademark is any symbol that serves to differentiate products or services offered by people or companies from the competition on the market. A trademark can consist of words, combinations of words, images, figures, logos, logo symbols, icons or even specific shapes of containers, packaging, etc.

What is a Class?
A class is a set of products or services that have a relationship between them, or that have a common characteristic for their use, which are grouped according to an internationally accepted classification. Currently, there are 45 classes (34 for products and 11 for services). Products are goods or items that will hold their trademarks, and through which consumers can identify them on the market. Services are activities carried out for third parties and that aim to identify their trademarks.

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  • Lewis Roca Rothegerber

    “Wolf Méndez is our chosen firm in Colombia. We are very happy with the management of our matters and all the legal work. We are very pleased and trust the management of our clients by its executives and the whole team.”

  • Lumicentro led Lighting

    “We have had an excellent work relationship. The service is tailored to our needs, which is what we like the most. We receive immediate answers, and excellent quality, efficient and effective work.”

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